Sunday, June 6, 2010

Christ have mercy 9/ Does this jive?

6. Naught, naught, can now condemn me
        Nor set my hope aside;
        Now hell no more can claim me,
        Its fury I deride.
        No sentence e'er reproves me,
        No ill destroys my peace;
        For Christ, my Savior, loves me
        And shields me with His grace.
"To deny mercy--even worse, to reject the demonstration of mercy and care to those in need--is more than breaking God's Law.  Denying mercy denies and rejects the Gospel of Holy Baptism.  It denies the mercy of God in Baptism.  It denies the triune God, who is named in Baptism.  It denies the gracious word of the Father ("this is My beloved son, "  Matthew 3:17).  It denies the Son who undergoes and opens Baptism to us.  It denies the Spirit, who descends also upon us in Baptism.  It denies the gifts of that same Spirit, among which are charity, mercy, humility, and love.  Denial of mercy to the unbaptized fails to recognize that we, too, were once outside the church, outside of Christ.  We, too, were brought in the body of Christ through mercy, despite ourselves."

What do with think of this juxtaposition?  Does this fit together?  These quotes come from the last two posts.  I've debated this a bit somewhere else the last couple of days and in my head.   And what is the best way to talk about it?  I've convinced myself through this discussion that the second quote is also true, and from thinking about what Jesus said and what Paul said and what Luther said.

The thing is, God is not mocked and the law still applies.  There are ways to nullify the gift.  And Jesus is not joking when he says some things.  Everything about faith is a serious business.  Joyful, but serious.

We are back to the old discussion about the "necessity" of  love and good works.  We should refer to our confessions.

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