Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The wedding is less than 10 weeks away!

We are getting more and more geared up for a largish wedding.  Everything is looking great. Bride and I have spent time going through a variety of things.  All fun.  Her exams were excellent and she is in a fabulous mood. Mother-in-law will be back from Afghanistan soon.

Mother's day was good.  My brother's family came over with a cake my brother supposedly baked, but... (my sister-in-law is a very gracious woman...)  Lots of fun with little nieces and nephew.  I made some Hefestueckchen (yeast pieces, with quark and streussel) and we read my kid's children's books.

The grass is green.  The leaves are late.  The neighbor is putting her thin horse on our empty pasture.  I dug over my garden.  I guess I should seed it soon, while the soil is so nice, not too wet and not too dry.  However, the danger of frost is not past.


Steve Martin said...

It sounds like a wonderful Spring!

I'm very happy for you and your family, Brigitte.

Soak it all up! Enjoy!

- Steve

Brigitte said...

Thanks so much Steve. I will try and enjoy it all and not fret.