Tuesday, April 20, 2010

University of Calgary students threatened with expulsion over graphic images of aborted unborn

Someone, who may or may not wish to remain anonymous, sent me this story with this comment: 

I think the University of Calgary has no idea what it stands for and what to do with the pro-life students, other than to send the goons (lawyers and police) upon them.


I admit the pictures can be unsettling, but so can pictures of holocaust victims, racial strife, etc.  Images speak a powerful message.  Maybe the picture is telling you something.   In the day of images/movies/ games involving gratuitous violence and sex abounding to the extent that we can hardly evade them, we object to viewing images that purvey the truth about invisible slaughter?  Something about specks and logs?

We know what happens to people who speak the truth.  The prophets have always be stoned and the Christ, though perfect ended up crucified.  This is our despicable human nature not wanting to be confronted with the truth or willing to make any changes.  It is not to be condoned in the way a university treats its own students.  We do not live in a totalitarian state.

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