Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More on hymn CD sets/ French language hymn book

This post gets quite a few hits looking for "French language hymnal".  I will give the link to where it can be purchased from CPH, right at the top here.

Yesterday, I told you how much we like the "Heirs of the Reformation" set.  While I am loading whatever I can get my hands on into the computer and into my I-Pod, these days, I also borrowed a set of CD's from a relative called  "Neue Lieder.  Lieder aus dem Evangelischen Gesangbuch".  ("New songs.  Songs from the 'evangelische' hymnbook.")

This particular set contains some of the newer songs that have been added to the hymn book in whichever German state (there are different hymn books).   I have to say that, aside from the old hymn which was also included "In dir ist Freude in allem Leide", none of the songs, NONE of the songs talk about Jesus Christ.  NONE.  There is stuff about joy and grace and blessing;  there is even a song that has the Father in it, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but nothing about sin and redemption.  There are songs about having faith and not being afraid and trusting, but nothing about sin and redemption. Very sad.

On the other hand,  Ian Adnams reports on the success of our new French language hymnal here.  See the men and women in Togo use it singing vigorously standing up and with a drum set.  Have a listen to them. Very nice.

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