Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Confirmations/special books by auntie Brigitte

Ugh, it is snowing again.  Well, let's be positive.  We could be grateful for the moisture.  Dry springs are not good around here.

Spent some time yesterday, making my nephew's special book (see further down) and making an Easter package for his family (my sister's).  His sister is having confirmation in May.  Also another nephew has confirmation in early May.  Here is a picture of a whole bunch, four of them my God-children, this year's confirmands among them.

The boy with the tie in the front and the girl in the skirt in the front are this year's confirmands.  The girl on the left in the dress is also in confirmation classes this year:  Anastasia, Colin and Sarah.  You may pray with me for them.

The picture was taken at Stefan's and Thomas' confirmation.  We had a nice big do at a restaurant in Ft. Sask. and everyone was there.  In retrospect it was good we celebrated big what we could, now Stefan is no longer with us. 

Sarah was baptized in Japan and I could not be there.  I went all out for her and stitched a very fancy, personalized baptism picture for her at one time, which is a very uncharacteristic activity for me.  Mostly I stick with mementos that take less time to prepare, such as the book put in the mail yesterday for the boy in the blue T-shirt in the front, Simon (the name goes in English, German, Japanese and is Biblical).

These books are super-easy to make and inexpensive, but can be a real treasure for the recipient.  I wish now I had included some more things that I have from our parents and grandparents.  Maybe that will be another book, then.

This is the way to get started:  There are so many wonderful images on the internet to supplement one's own. 

(See also my Large Lutheran Study Bible on the cart.  I have resigned myself to carrying it to a proper table and reading sitting on a chair and then carry it back.  At present it sits on this drinks cart, as we don't actually have any drinks.) 

Then there is the cheap photo album that the children chose the cover for themselves and the pages for it that they have created themselves. It's always good to involve the children.  This padding and covering with cloth is my only craft.  I pretty much resent the time involved in making anything else.  For this I keep fabric on hand, which indulges my hoarding habit.  (I should make some bed covers to use some of it up.  I do know how to use the sewing machine.)

Simon's book turned out pretty big as it had room for many pages.  This is how some of them looked.  The one with the armed men at the Lord's supper is my favorite for this book.  This is really how life is.  We are all in armor.

Here are some more to give you ideas.  I spent about three hours and everything could be done better.  But at least it's in the mail.

 These are the mountains where Simon lives.  He sees them right from his front lawn.

You get the idea.  I finished up with this one.  And tucked the tiny cheap Catechism into the last sleeve.

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