Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About the "Lutheran Study Bible"

About the new Lutheran Study Bible:  I bought Martin one in the fall, the nice bonded leather one.  He had really wanted it, but it turned out that neither one of us was reading it. This was the problem.

The Lutheran Study Bible has significant amount of commentary per page, with the result that the volume of material is a little too much for a book you can comfortably read or hold in your hands.  I did get the magnifying glass with it.  Still the paper is too thin and flimsy for my liking.  You don't dare underline in it.  And what good is a book you can't underline in?  I ask you!

So with my last CPH order, I ordered a version of the Lutheran Study Bible that is not nicely bound in leather, but has larger print, thicker paper.  It weighs a lot and it quite a chunk of a book;  not something you take to bed with you or on a trip. So, now because of its size, it sits smack on the living room table from where it does not get budged, like a prized exhibit.  We have read it from there and finally discovered the wealth of material in it.  The commentary is superb.  It includes highly useful quotes, including abundant Luther quotes, as well as short prayers and applications to congregational life, etc.  Very nice.  You should have one.

So from the living room table, I'll read a little here and a little there with a little very useful commentary here and there.  But when I want to really cuddle with a Bible, it will be a different one. 


Bror Erickson said...

Interesting dilemma. i don't know, I have always disliked study bibles. So far resisted getting this one too. Though, I think I might order it if it comes out in paper back.

Brigitte said...

I used to like an NIV we all had in our youthgroup. It had a concordance in the back, etc. The last Concordia Study Bible, I never took to. The other English Bible I like is a little RSV my grandmother gave me for my confirmation before we went to Canada.

Paperback might be good, or split it in two. Choosing between the two I have now, I'll take the big one. I think you'd like it.