Sunday, February 28, 2010

We won!

Hockey is not exactly my thing,  but all true-blooded Canadians are most thrilled judging by the whooping in the street.  Watched a bit at McDonald's this afternoon when it was 2:1.

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James Swan said...

Hey, I lost your e-mail address, so sorry to post this here:

I'm trying to locate the context for this Luther quote: "I fear...that we are a greater offense to God than the papists."

I've found the German context in WA 47. I think the quote should be around page pages 461-462. My guess is 461. The source can be found here:

Or try this link:

Could you provide any sort of context for this specific quote? I know roughly that Luther was preaching on Matthew 23:14.

A Roman Catholic source sites the following:

'I fear me,' he said, preaching on the robbery of widows and orphans, 'that we are in such wise trifling with the Evangel, that we are a greater offence to God than the papists. For if there is to be stealing it is better to steal from a rich man than from a poor beggar, for an orphan who has nothing but a morsel of bread. Sirach said : "Do not the widow's tears run down her cheek, and her cry against him that causeth them to fall? For from the cheek they go up even to heaven, and the Lord that heareth will not be delighted with them.''God is not called in vain the Father of widows and orphans, for if they are forsaken by every man God still looks after them! 'He pronounced a woe: 'Woe unto you peasants, burghers, nobles, who grab and scrape up everything for yourselves and pretend all the time to be good evangelicals.' (Collected Works xliv 356-357).

This Roman Catholic source states:

No one now will give, and, "unless we had the lands we stole from the Pope, the preachers would have but scant fare"; they even try "to snatch the morsels out of the parson s mouth." The way in which the "nobles and officials" now treat what was formerly Church property amounts to "a devouring of all beggars, strangers and poor widows; we may indeed bewail this, for they eat up the very marrow of the bones. Since they raise a hue and cry against the Papists let them also not forget us. Woe to you peasants, burghers and nobles who grab everything, hoard and scrape, and pretend all the time to be good Evangelicals." (Ib., Erl. ed., 44, p. 356. Sermons on Mat. xviii.-xxiii. For similar statements see the passage in the last Note and Erl. ed., 22,S. 317 ; also above, vol. iv., passim. Cp. also Luther s statements i Janssen, " Hist, of the German People," xv., p. 465 ff. ; Dollinger, " Die Ref.," 2, p. 215, 306, 349

If by some chance you could give me a paragraph or so surrounding the quote in question, I would greatly appreciate it!

James Swan