Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miep Gies died at 100 years old

Miep Gies was the woman, originally from Austria, who brought food to Anne Frank's family during WW II. She also is credited with saving Anne Frank's diary. She says she only did what seemed appropriate at the time. She maintained a website here.

I used to attend Anne-Frank-Elementary-School from grade 1 to 4.

It is a loss that the adults from this time are all getting very old or are gone already. As children we did not want to hear about all the atrocities and sad fates but could not help overhear. It was not always interesting and too upsetting at the same time. But there was no way around it.

I used to be overcome with the ethical dilemmas of it all. To lie or not to lie to save a skin, or your own skin. To sacrifice your own life for another. Are women with children exempt from making such a sacrifice? In Catholic school it seemed like all the literature we studied had to do with the holocaust and also with such dilemmas. Or maybe they just left the greatest impression on me. The one time we went to the movie theater for a field trip was for a film on the holocaust. Of course, we also studied Anne Frank's diary.

Germans have truly beaten themselves up over this over the years. They are honest and conscientious people. It is sad to me when this never comes across in the English media. It is also sad when the whole matter gets treated in a superficial way as explored in the Fabricated Luther. It is also sad that the last witnesses are dying. Yet, we are grateful for their witness and frequent heroism. It is never completely dark.

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