Friday, January 29, 2010

"Der Lutheraner" / diatribe by Reformed urging union

Had a wonderful day including a nice visit with a fellow organist who lent me a fascinating book:  "Der Lutheraner" from years in the 1870's bound into a large volume.  If he does not mind I will photograph it and quote from it.  It dovetails fascinatingly with the "At Home in the House of my Fathers".

I  googled  "Der Lutheraner"  to get more background and ended up reading a portion of this old book (see below).  It is from 1825 and a defense of the union between the Lutherans and the Reformed.  This also dovetails nicely with reading Harrison's book.  This book from 1825 is a very sad manipulation by the some Reformed people.  Very deceptive.  Very misleading.  Very wrong.  Very slanderous. Very wicked, really.
This is the kind of thing Walther and Wyneken were up against, apparently.  I've read to page 35, and I don't know if I want to waste any more time on this diatribe.

Here is a sample page

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