Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Couple of comments from me

1.  No comments on Walther and Wyneken.  They must be right, then! :)

2.  There has been a lot of reading on my blog from down East.  Perhaps you could say hi!  It would be so nice.  You can also e-mail me at ringheim at live dot com.

3.  I think over the next few days I will write about 12 and 13 months after the fatal accident.  It may take several posts and I think it will provide a little tiny bit of closure at this time.  Indulge me.

For your viewing pleasure today, find included the picture I have on my desktop right now.  It is from September's trip to the Yellowstone Park.  It a view of the North East corner of the Park.  You see the first snowfall as well.  The Park closed to the public a couple of days after we were there.  That was close.


Bror Erickson said...

I thought I left a comment. It read "I need to get this book and soon." But somehow it disappeared in ether.
In any case thanks for the picture. And I think Walther and Wyneken are right. I haven't read much Wyneken, we did study him a bit a seminary though. He didn't always agree with Walther, sometimes they were at loggerheads themselves. What I found fascinating is how many churches' that man planted across the country! That sort of thing inspires me.

Brigitte said...

Hi, the comment did not come.

If they weren't at loggerheads at times, they probably wouldn't have worked things out properly.

The book is well worth getting and studying. Imperative, one could say. It is is a little large, but it is broken down into many sections. One could take a year and just read one address or one thesis at a time. I just happened to have a bur to finish it. It cleared up a lot of things for me.

Harrison mentions Wyneken as being a "rigorous and hearty mission pastor" who in this treatise is showing that he takes no backseat to Walther's scholarship. But then he conjectures that he might have had some help from his son Henry who had spent time in Germany since Wyneken was already aging.

There are not many sermons written down by Wyneken. He tended to go on forever (hour and a half) and likely did not write all that down either. He must have been a good speaker.

The spirit, hard work, knowledge and genius involved in getting everyone to hang together becomes clear; some of the same things are required of us, today, even though nothing happens without God's blessing.

Bror Erickson said...

"There are not many sermons written down by Wyneken. He tended to go on forever (hour and a half) and likely did not write all that down either. He must have been a good speaker."

i used to not even write my sermons. Just think about the text. I still don't read my sermons. I refuse to, preaching on an outline. I find it funny how shocking that is to so many people. If my sermon goes for a half hour these days though, I get complaints. Not that the sermon was boring or they didn't like it. They generally like the sermon. I get complaints that the service goes to long. So I try, am trying to widdle them back down to 10 minutes. Hence the shortness of the sermons recently on the blog. I write no more than a page and a half. but then it gets difficult to close the thought properly. You can't win, you can't win.

Brigitte said...

Maybe make it into a powerpoint, then they'll let you go longer! Haha.

Brigitte said...

It would be nice for you to get a proper workout and for those who want to hear it to have a chance.

In my first congregation in Edmonton, my uncle Herbert was the pastor (independent luth. church; he was with the Liebenzell mission), uncle Herbert held an evening Bible study on Sundays that we came back to church for and he'd go on for a whole hour straight through the Bible, like your morning blog. He talked, we listened.

I'm not sure you could do that anymore. It would have to be a powerpoint.

And why not?

Bror Erickson said...

Well it is a conundrum.Though I don't think you would need a powerpoint to do what your talking about. I think that something along those lines can be done. And if it was a naked, I'm preaching for an hour, I think I could do it anywhere, and perhaps even use powerpoint. Though I don't have a projector, I barely have the know how. But it could be fun to start something like that.

Bror Erickson said...

Perhaps I can learn to do Podcasts, and then do a preaching through the Bible thing.

Brigitte said...

If the group is not too big, you can just use a decent computer display. The new ones have huge monitors. Very nice and not that expensive.

Podcasts cannot be brain surgery these days.

Brigitte said...

A projector would be nice. No idea how much they cost these days. But if you float the idea, someone will catch fire and get it, I bet.

This is no longer new technology, nor will it not be useful down the road. It's a good investment if people are interested.