Monday, December 7, 2009

Just some notes on a nice weekend.

Someone dear visited us and brought us a big poinsettia! Thank you! XO!

On Saturday, I went Bethel to see/participate in their Family Advent afternoon. What they do is this: the Sunday school kids and the pre-school kids come in with their families to do Christmas/Advent "crafts". (I put "crafts" in quotation marks, because gluing and coloring and sticking on, are not technically "crafts" in my book; but everyone is busy, and things look great for hanging up, when done. Some of these words of God hang in homes for a long time, no matter how little skill went into them.)

The crafts come from the Oriental Trading Company, where everything is pre-cut, etc., minimal work required. This way an afternoon such as this is quickly organized and cleanly executed (other than getting the glue and paint off the tables afterward; paper underneath would work.) This can really be done any time of year, getting differently themed "crafts". Easter is the other time that this family craft afternoon is held.

Lots of families came in even with the bad weather. There also was coffee, a story and a video. All in all, it took about 2 hours and everyone was happy. I bought some of the left-over crafts to use in Bruderheim next Sunday, if we have kids.

I also went to see an elderly person had finally got the entire flight/refugee story straight. It is amazing how you can know a person for so long, but not have this kind of significant story in perspective. Live and learn. It's a slow process with us.

And, I went to the Sing Along Messiah at Concordia, which was mostly fabulous. One piece did not hang together. Oh, well. Lovely soloists. Great choir. Lots of men. (Many choirs don't have enough men.) Nice reception. See the gingerbread choir.

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