Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Video by Rebecca Wasser Kissling/" From Worthless to Priceless"/Christ-centered sanctity of life

Yesterday, I reviewed Rebecca Wasser Kissling's pro-life video.

Rebecca was conceived through rape at knifepoint from a serial rapist. She was adopted by a Jewish family, and became a lawyer involved in family law. She reunited with her birth mother after she was 18 years old and developed relationships with this side of the family. At some point she learned the Gospel and became a Christian. Her mother had tried to obtain a back alley abortion, but in the end bad weather prevented the second try at arranging one. She is very glad and treasures her life. She seems to have become an untiring speaker.

There are many amazing points in this story. What I came away with most is that how difficult it was for someone like herself to feel loved and worthwhile. We all struggle with that. We all want that. The woman, usually, looking for an abortion wants that. But what is it like to consider that you were conceived through rape?

It would be hard to fathom. She has a DVD available for $15.00 titled "From Worthless to Priceless". I think it is an apt title. This is what I got out of the video as well (different title, you can borrow it from me, if you still have a VHS player).

From worthless to priceless!!! What gave her this transforming view of herself??? She will tell you it was the Gospel. The whole story in the end is Christ-centered.

It sounds to me that having grown up the way she did and not hearing the news in her Jewish home, when someone took her to an event with a clear Gospel message, she was amazed and received it at once. The fact that God loved her so much, that he died on the cross for her was what she needed to hear all along.

This does not totally surprise the rest of us, who also live by this story, but it is enlightening and a wonderful thing to hear. You will know who and whose you are when you realize that your creator paid an immeasurable price for you. ("You were bought at a price" 1. Cor.6:20)

P.S. This story connects for me,too,to yesterday's discussion on Cranach regarding the "Manhattan declaration". Bror writes that it is the work of Christ that lends the sanctity to life more than being created in the image of God. There is a good insight, there. It seems obvious, when you think about it. "But it does effect politics in that it does or should make Christian recognize the dignity of human life. Which is not founded so much in the creation of man and woman in God’s image, as it is in the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ."

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