Sunday, December 13, 2009

-37 degree, Sunday morning

Off to organ playing. See the picture at the current time. It would be smart to stay in bed.


Mary said...

I stopped by to read your blog today.
I agree, it would be smart, and warmer, and more restful to simply stay in bed all the dark hours of the day. Get up when the sun rises. Go to bed when the sun sets.
Hope to see you later.
I also read your encouraging words for potential organists. You will make a wonderful teacher/mentor.

Brigitte said...

The weather is really no pleasure and quite dangerous. I see that they are sanding our intersection fairly well. A little warmer, today.

I don't have any organists to mentor. Rather I've got some tips from Gary and Gail. Music is such a wonderful thing and the pipe organ is phenomenal fun.

Anonymous said...

Last sunday,Dec.13,I was looking for an adequate translation of the hymn I love so much.(Die Nacht ist vorgedrungen...)
Suddenly I came across your blog,and I just couldn't believe that the answer would come from Alberta,Canada.
Sorry about the loss of your son.I have lived in Canada for a long time and I still feel closely connected with it.
Although the German version of the hymn is of better quality,I found it very helpful to offer your blog to a friend who is familiar with German but doesn't have much of a chance to use it.The nuances are difficult to be understood and transmitted.
Personally I felt very excited to have been connected with you as a resident of Canada,and I especially enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Canadian site.
I wish you and your family a very merry christmas.
Heidi Banerjee

Brigitte said...

Heidi, thanks for your message. Thank you for your sentiments, also.

If you are still looking for the words, I can e-mail them to you. I just did not want to post them all since they are not in public domain.
Blessings to you.