Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christian History Project, Byfield

We received an invitation to a fundraising event for the Christian History Project. The series of books, which appear in brand new edition about once per year will soon be complete, God willing. It has been a turbulent time for the producers with fire and near loss of precious materials. It appears plans are being made for video production for the Discovery Channel. How exciting!

Beginning with the Alberta History series and progressing to Christian History, hubby has purchased and devoured all the volumes.

They are attractive, glossy, lavishly illustrated, thoroughly researched and lovingly produced books. The research and production has been heavily supported by donations from sponsors and the public.

Information is available and purchasing is completed by phoning 1-888-234-4478 or by going to http://www.thechristians.ca/

We won't be going to the event because the Love Life conference is scheduled the day after. But perhaps someone else might go.

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