Monday, October 19, 2009

Internet Broadcasts of Lutheran Sermons, etc.

Maybe I'm behind the times, but this is the first time I discovered a Lutheran Hour video on (coming from Though the sound does not match the video, you can at least scroll through the video.

I mention this because the Vancouver conference (ABC district) videos are not scrollable. I've mentioned this to people before. This google video set-up seems better than the site used on the district's web site (

Is this not better than the simulcasting that is being organized these days? I am thinking also about the Love Life Conference coming up Nov. 7th.

Watched another video. President Bugbee's installation service. This one is on YouTube. Of course, YouTube videos segments are not long enough, so the sermon has to be broken up.

I like listening to Rev. Bugbee. Notice, however, how Segment One has been viewed more than Segment Two. Overall, the view numbers could be higher. Where are we all? This broadcasting business has to be dealt with in a more consistent fashion, me thinks.

If I had to chose, which way I'd like to view these broadcasts, I'd go with the google video, where it is all in one piece and easily accessible anytime.

One more thought about about the district's website and LCC's website. They might at the top include some material that is outreach orientated. What if someone has come to the website, who wants to know about Jesus and Lutheran teaching and is new to this message? Will they easily find something that will help them?

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