Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Early winter day

The dog was at the vet. She is dying. She is constantly licking and chewing the brick on the fireplace.

My friend is this very moment driving from Calgary in snowfall without winter tires.

Hubby already ditched the Honda today. Winter came too suddenly. We haven't put any winter tires on, yet. Everyone here should have winter tires. You know that! If not, phone us and we will tell you why.


Steve said...

Very sorry to hear about your dog, Brigitte.

You guys be careful up there.

I'll be praying for you.

Brigitte said...

Thanks Steve. You wanted some winter some time? You can come on up now. (Well, it's supposed to be warm for the weekend.)

Anonymous said...

We got our winter tires on the van this week. I'm relieved. Good for you to remind people!

As a fellow dog owner/lover I'm sad to hear about your dog, too. "Mollie" isn't it? Our Maggie is 11 and I dread the day that she leaves us. I know many people can't understand the deep love one has for their pets.
Praying for you during this sadness. Love, Ruth

Brigitte said...

Thanks for thinking of us Ruth.

We can't seem to agree as to when to have her "euthanized", as the vet puts it. The vet says sooner rather than later. Her hemoglobin is so low that she has no more dog quality of life. Indeed she does not move much. But it seems like a tough decision.

The alternative is to give her a blood transfusion so that she can go under anesthetic, so a speciliats can do a bone marrow tap.

That seems so outrageous. Why even suggest such a thing? I have a cared for two people dying of blood disorders. Who would go through all that treatment and trauma for a dog? Who is supposed to be helped by that?