Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogging's top hits here

I do have a site meter on the blog and I will tell you what happens. When I'm in low blogging mode and not leaving comments somewhere else, there are about 10 readers per day and maybe 20 page loads, not counting my own when I'm fiddling with a post, or accidental traffic, or Google searches. Maybe average. I am surprised at who does read along and will mention it to me and who does not. People seem to either like the medium or not (or maybe the posts or not :)). It's nice to get comments. I appreciate them all. You don't feel like you exist in a vacuum. Sometimes the German aunts are there. Sometimes not. And so on and so it goes. Lot's of fun.

When I'm commenting a lot elsewhere, the count goes up a significantly. But I feel I need to limit myself, because I could probably blog all day, and have done that, too.

What is interesting from the site meter log is which entries attract people from Google searches. Recently, the "Motherhood Quotes" post started generating a lot of traffic. In that post was also a quote by Nancy Friday, whom I did not know about. But she must have written some interesting sexual stuff, as Google is bringing in some unusual connections (Islamabad via "masturbation techniques"--wrong blo-og!).

The other terms creating Google traffic are "Tilmann Riemenschneider", "Frankfurt airport" and the road trips mentioning cities and states. Occasionally something comes via Luther topics. The winner, however, is by far "Motherhood Quotes" and "Nancy Friday", which is all quotes and nothing I've written.

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