Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogging adventures

Cleaning is moving along. Friend coming over stay for a while. The path to the treadmill is cleared now. Perhaps we will use it.

Interesting thread I've been involved in. Interesting to me, at least. James Swan has kindly mentioned my Fabricated Luther series of posts in it. Paul McCain's answer is perhaps the most sensible one in the context.

I'll finish typing yesterday's devotion by Giertz, as well. It just finishes beautifully with a prayer one should think about.

There was a revival in Ephesus and many came forth and confessed what they had done. It's part of a true conversion to confess that one has lied, to make up for the damage one caused others, to as one's enemies for forgiveness, or to return things that one came into the possession of in a wrong way or kept out of negligence.

Among the things that emerged from the people in Ephesus were the superstitions that existed among this modern and enlightened people. Witchcraft and magic, which entails trying to control and benefit from covert powers, have always existed as a degenerate side of religion. They can be conquered only by a vibrant faith. In Europe these practices and superstitions were prevalent until the national revivals of the 1800s. They continue even today, and show signs of increasing and returning in new and different forms (such as amulets and horoscopes and belief in lucky and unlucky days). This is a natural consequence of the disappearance of a living faith. When Christ becomes our Savior, we see that this kind of fear for unknown forces and all attempts to appease them is just a lack of faith and idol worship.

Lord, reveal for me everything I should confess to others. Help me to make amends for everything I can. Lord, is there anything I've hidden and tried to forget that stands between us? If there is anyone who is suffering or mourning for my sake, Lord, show me the way to make it right again. and if I can't bless twofold whomever I've caused grief and injury to. You can turn evil into good and damage into profit. If this can happen through me, so be it, for Your name's sake.

I suppose it's also another item to keep in mind when blogging--not to inflict grief or injury.

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