Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bavarian Hymnal

Just wanted to show how this particular hymnal cross-references hymns to the RC hymn book. Never seen that before. Everything with "oe" (ecumenical) is also in the "Gotteslob" book.

What do you think? I'm not sure what my point is. I'm not sure what their point is. My parents were always worried about sly ways to bring us back under the yoke of the papacy.

It may help dialogue and I think dialogue is good.


Anonymous said...


The same list is in the Ev. Gesangbuch (Kirchenprovinz Sachsen ausgabe), which I use as well. For now, it is probably just a cross reference between the two main Confessions. Just like I have a cross reference to all the hymns in LW, LBW, SBH, and the Anglican & Presbyterian songbooks of about 25 years ago. Maybe its part of the plot, prevalent amongst some circles, to get everyone into a one world church again! I'm told that only about 10% or less (people) attend church in Germany even infrequently now. So your idea would hardly cause a ripple there, let alone anyone here being aware of this except perhaps you and I.

Anonymous said...

Brigitte, The above comment is from "Gerhardt" as you probably recognize. I don't know why it did not register as I did enter it.. G

Brigitte said...

So, you and I are the only ones over here to know about the plot.

I don't know about the 10%. There must be huge regional differences.

On the way back from Germany this summer, there was a young gregarious man from Hamburg, Bjorn, who peppered me with questions for hours and we had a lot of fun talking. At some point we did get talking about church and he was just spouting how irrelevant the church had gotten, how nobody goes, how ridiculous it is, and how it only does some things in relation to care of the aged.

I really can't say the same thing for the area where I went and the people I was with. Things seemed pretty lively and organized. There seemed to church things everwhere. However, I was listening for the Gospel and I only heard it outside the state church. (I attended 4 events and services in the two weeks. Wedding and Sunday service in state church-no gospel in the sermons explicitly. Womens breakfast with the Chrishona mission and Sunday Service in a Free church that had dropped the luth. from its name--gospel was there. Music was better in the state church and there is gospel in the music. How can one sing so wonderfully and preach so poorly?)