Wednesday, October 7, 2009

9 months/ 2

Writing that yesterday made me feel worse. But it is good to keep a record. The other day I read over the old posts, and I realized I had forgotten lots of it and it was good to know, anyhow. I also phoned the other Mom and she cried on the phone. And I went to Gibbons choir and we practice songs for Remembrance Day. One song goes "Remember my voice, remember my song, remember..." I sit next to a lady who lost her husband, but we sang it alright. Actually, I think it was good.

On Sunday, we sang a hymn that fits here because it speaks our inability to understand and pray. Neither Martin nor I remember ever having sung it before. The "Morgenglanz" melody was nice, too:

LSB 773

Hear us, Father, when we pray, through Your Son and in Your Spirit. By Your Spirit's Word convey all that we through Christ inherit, that as baptized heirs we may truly pray.

When we know not what to say and our wounded souls are pleading, my Your Spirit, night and day, groan within us interceding; by His sighs, too deep for words, we are heard.

Jesus, advocate on high, sacrificed on Calvry's altar, through Your priestly blood we cry: hear our prayers, though they may falter; place them on Your Father's throne as your own.

By Your Spirit now attend to our prayers and supplications, as like incense they ascend to Your heav'nly habitations. May their fragrance waft above, God of love.

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