Friday, August 21, 2009

VBS is finished

We had a good week. Thanks be to God and all the team. The guys also got the garage/storage building's roof done during this time. Apparently, the roof was shingled over 6 times without anyone removing the old shingles before putting on new ones. This time it was done properly.

Everyone was happy and the children attended faithfully throughout the week. Everyone helped everyone.

At the picnic I talked with a mom of quite a few children, just moved into town, who is ready to join a church after having talked lots with a neighbor in her previous town. None of the children have been baptized, and they seem to want that and the husband is willing to go to church, he is just worried about being a trucker and wearing jeans. We told her to let us know when he's coming and we'll all wear jeans. She also took a catechism. Talked to the other moms of many children (big families). Several belong to the Moravian church (note the name of the town: "Bruderheim".)

Went home and put on "chilling with Bach", put my stuff away and collapsed on the sofa. Woke up to something nice playing. Now, to go exercise, still? Better go. My back is stiff.

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Steve Martin said...

Nice work, Brigitte!

Take care of that aching back.