Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"iPod in the head"

I'm back and I bought my first iPod, in Red Deer at Costco. It is PURPLE!!!

In Red Deer I also bought some more children's music at the big Parable's Christian Market place. They, of course, carry no nice Lutheran materials. I checked at the counter regarding their stock and made a few recommendations to them, which probably did not help much in getting them to stock those items.

Nonetheless, some of the songs are really nice and they will all go onto the iPod for VBS, which is next week. Do you think I can learn to use the thing by then? (Found a manual here.)

At church in Canmore, I was a crying mess this Sunday. First of all it is hard for me to be with the children's cousins, as the memories are too poignant. Second of all the sermon was all about God's will and car accidents and stuff like that. Then I talked with the organist who just lost a 16-year old grandson, apparently to suicide. What is the matter with this world? Between accidents, suicides and extreme sports, not to mention drugs and other things, we are losing so many. We don't even have a war (except in Afghanistan, where our professional army is fighting, indeed). Lord, help us.

Anyhow, I was talking with the organist and we talked about iPods and she said she knew so many songs by heart she has an "iPod in the head". I thought that was really good. I have a bit of one, too. Maybe a couple of gigabytes worth. It is a blessing. Sometimes it is a shuffle. You don't know what it will play next. Sometimes something really great just pops out of it. Something from long ago, even. But maybe the iPod in the pocket can help shape the iPod in the head. I am going to work at getting really neat stuff onto it. Stuff you want to really sing about, memorize, or learn from.

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