Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is the only beaver we saw this week. He's gone to Vancouver to be admired and eaten. The weather is shaping up for a gorgeous weekend. My visitor is gone and I haven't practiced any organ pieces for Sunday. And it's somebody's birthday and we need another Alaska ice cream lemon cake (see recipe several posts ago.)...

Mary, are you coming over for some? Anybody else?


mary said...

Absolutely we will be over to celebrate! By the way, you, and your family are invited to our home on Saturday the 29th of August for an informal birthday celebration for the soon to be, official, teenager in our house. Any time in the early/mid afternoon. This event has been scheduled just today so my apologies for the late invite.
Where did you find this delicious looking beaver?

Please give me a call and let me know what time is best. I need to go into the city to pick up groceries in the early afternoon.
Hope to be able to visit and celebrate birthdays.
I didn't see any beavers on our trip to the Yukon....but we did see many herds of wild buffalo!

Brigitte said...

Give you a shout.

Steve said...

Have a great time!

Oh, if I had wings to fly!

That Alaska ice cream lemon cake beckons me!

Brigitte said...

Steve, we'll have a piece just for you!