Thursday, July 16, 2009

Organ in Bensheim: some short and not very good clips of the wedding music

The hymn is sung in the middle clip. It was new to me and in comparing hymnals you don't find it the old hymnal, though the hymn is not that new, as you see. The melody, of course, is well known.

Tomorrow, I will translate the hymn book page. This is a page from the new Bavarian hymn book. I am very impressed with the layout, the Bible verses, quotes and pictures, the color coding throughout. The font also looks very modern. The whole design is quite inspired in my opinion.

The other hymns we sang were: Such wer da will ein ander Ziel die Seeligkeit zu finden. Befiehl du deine Wege. Herr deine Liebe ist wie Gras und Ufer. And one more. Forgot.


Gerhardt said...


Detected some Buxtehude and Mendelssohn in the music clips you provided. Nice. But nothing from Michael Jackson?!! (wince, cower) Extremely crisp North German sound on the instruments. They have the ability of sounding "schreiend" if not played carefully. Good for chorale interpretation and Buxtehude stuff, lesser for Mendelssohn.

Brigitte said...

Gary, yes, Michael Jackson was big news there, too. You are funny, though ("wince, cower"; one of your favorite artists?). We probably won't hear the end of "icons" dying from here on, since they are all getting older.

Would "schreiend" be like "shrill"?