Monday, July 20, 2009

Moral dilemma surrounding Rhubarb

In Erdmanhausen near Stuttgart, the other day, I met a neat lady, H.S., who also works in University administration. I think one might have been able to talk on that subject a little more, seeing Martin is involved in it.

However, besides playing Uno together and with the kids we covered mostly vegetables and use of rhubarb. She kindly sent me this recipe for "Rhubarb-Torte", for which she will not divulge the calorie content per slice. Yes, seeing it is mostly butter and whipping cream, we understand why this recipe is a winner. Find the recipe below. Don't blame me, if it's not what you should be baking. And DO NOT ask me if I need any rhubarb. Rhubarb grows abundantly here and I have enough for the entire town.

H.S. also sent me the link to her congregation's website. I have to look at it more. Really, there is no excuse for not every congregation having a website of some sort, no matter how unsophisticated. I wish I knew how to build one. How should one get started? Should ask my smart daughter. (Sorry, I noticed the link does not work. Have to try again.)

Creamy Rhubarb Torte

Take 200 grams of lady fingers, put in a bag and crush with a rolling pin (or put in mixer).
Take 125 grams of soft butter
and knead the two items above into a mix; cool in the fridge (1 hour).

Rhubarb cream:
450 grams of cleaned up rhubarb, cut small; cook for 3 min. with 150 grams sugar, 2 packages vanilla sugar (buy some vanilla sugar in your store; it is a nice ingredient for most baking) and 4 tablespoons Granadine/Raspberry syrup. Puree, if you like it smooth.

Add 9 leaves dissolved red gelatine ( I would probably used two or three packages Knox gelatine; don’t have red colored, though. Get color somewhere.) and add to mix that has cooled a little.

Add 500 gram low fat quark (find in deli section) with 1 pk Vanillasugar and add under rhubarb mix.

Whip 400 gr of whipping cream and add to mix; put over crumb bottom and let set for 12 hours.

Shopping list: lady fingers, butter, quark, cream.


Bror Erickson said...

Wish I could say Rhubarb grew abundantly down here. But I live in a desert so, I have to keep watering mine. Can't wait till I have enough to try this recipe. I don't much care about calories, though maybe I should.

Brigitte said...

Rhubarb does not grow in a desert? Really? You need to add some manure, I think.

One year Martin added sheep manure to the garden (very modest little garden I keep) and the rhubarb has never been the same. I like to say you could take shelter under it.

How about we save up the calories for Sunday. Have a good week and have a proper European coffee and cake afternoon.

Bror Erickson said...

Sounds good to me. Coffee and Cake.
This is the first year I have started gardening. I didn't get a hold of any manure, though I did amend the soil a little. Next year I plan to get on it a little sooner.

Brigitte said...

It takes time. Manure helps (without seeds).