Monday, April 20, 2009

Treasury of Daily Prayer

Paul McCain of Concordia Publishing House and Cyberbretheren blog (see sidebar) writes this:

I'll see if we can come up with 100 words or less in this house.

The Treasury of Daily Prayer has been a big hit and just this morning I was telling a group of people, “People who have it and use it, love it. But when I say ‘love it’ that is an understatement.” Here is my request. Would you please send me, in a 100 words or less, your personal reaction to the Treasury of Daily Prayer? And would you have your friends who are using it, or members of your congregation, also send me those comments? Would you also share this request with your various groups, web sites, blogs, Facebook groups and pages? Please invite them to send their reply/response to me at my Concordia Publishing House e-mail address, which is: Please ask the person making the comment to provide their name and location. Many thanks. Submission of comments is done with the understanding that we may quote them for marketing and promotional purposes. I’m looking specifically for comments about how the Treasury of Daily Prayer has helped, changed, improved, enhanced, revolutionized (?), your life of prayer and meditation on God’s Word and the same for anyone else willing to share a thought/comment. Would you please share this post on your blog sites, Facebook page, Twitter feeds, etc. etc. etc. Many thanks!


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