Saturday, April 18, 2009

lazy Saturday

I should be cleaning or something. But instead, I listened to i-monks podcast #135, this morning. It was so good (Luther, law and gospel, soul care). Highly recommending it.

Interspersed with that I have my daughter coming up for coffee and food repeatedly, stalling a little on her studying for final exams. I need to make something of those times, while she still lives at home.

There are three hours left before we need to be ready go out to a fancy dinner Charles B. is putting on for us in the honor of Martin's and my 26th wedding anniversary. Charles is a Messianic Jew and he is starting up a blog called Yeshua Saves. Charles is also celebrating today: it is his 33rd baptism birthday! I think I will give him one of Bror's Bo Giertz translations, since I am currently stocked up on that. I hope he does not read this blog before we have dinner. :)

Oh, ya, and we printed out the entire set of documents for LCC convention in May, but realized we missed the registration deadline. Martin has let himself be nominated for delegate. He really is a glutton. So we'll be off to Vancouver again. This time by car.

OK, now we'll get some housework done. Honestly.


Mary said...

Martha cleaned instead of listening.

Brigitte said...

Dear Mary, don't encourage me. :) Spring is almost here and there is going to be all the outside work now. It will feel great once we get going.