Thursday, February 19, 2009

poking around youtube for some Bach

I need to cook and bake something, but here I am poking around the internet looking for Bach cantatas. It's amazing nowadays. You print off scores, etc.

I thought this Japanese performance of "Jesus, joy of man's desiring" was very good. Like the trumpet. I've never even really listened to the German text before. Found that on the internet, too.

Wohl mir, dass ich Jesum habe,
o wie feste halt' ich ihn,
dass er mir das Herze labe,
wenn ich krank und traurig bin.
Jesum hab' ich, der mich liebet
und sich mir zu eigen gibet,
ach drum lass' ich Jesum nicht,
wenn mir gleich mein Herze bricht.


When my sister comes, I'll make her sing with me. She is a fabulous alto. The children will think we are crazy, but they'll remember. Her children are half Japanese and speak German, English and Japanese. Maybe they'll like these Japanese singing German Bach.

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steve martin said...

Very nice!

Thanks for sharing that with us!