Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A friend sent me this

Watch and read to the end. Kind of cool. Any and all of it, only by the grace of God, though.


steve martin said...

I do believe that I am part of a lost generation.

In fact I do believe that every person ever born on this planet is part of a lost generation.

We are all lost. But Christ is looking for us.

He is the Good Shepherd and He will find us.

Not believing that we are lost can be a very big problem.

steve martin said...


Here's something my pastor wrote, with a quote from Gerhard Forde at the end of it.

I would have e-mailed it to you but I don't think I have your e-address.

- Steve M.

Brigitte said...

You're right. Point absolutely, taken, Steve. Thanks.

My e-mail is

steve martin said...

Thanks Brigitte!