Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is Youth Culture worse than before?--evidence

We've had this little discussion recently, here, if the youth culture is worse than before, at least when we are talking about our own local area. My sense recently has been that things are much, much worse around here than before.

Yesterday, I read some stats that would back up the opinion that things have indeed changed. The Edmonton Journal was reporting on the gang shootings in Vancouver, happening in broad daylight and the alarm they cause. Essentially, it all has to do with the drug trade. The drugs (and weapons) that come into Alberta come via Vancouver and drug use in all of Canada has doubled in the last 10 years. Doubled! That's up 100%. That's a lot in a short time.

I remember reading something: even the Pope said that the drug culture is putting tons of young people out of reach of the church. Well, I hope that's not so; but it is a very devilish thing. I think we need to be even more alert.

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steve martin said...

I think it is true. I think that the "youth culture" is more debased than it ever has been.

I think it is part of the the increasingly downward spiral of humanity and the increasing hostility to the things of God.

The church has been so marginilized by the culture that kids flee from the church...if they've even been exposed to it to begin with.