Friday, February 6, 2009

Beautiful performer

Tonight, I'm listening to Stefan singing at his grad several times over, crying the way I did when I fist witnessed his performance. He was very, very good. He always loved performing. It did not matter to him if he had practiced his piece to perfection, but he still performed with flair and joy.

One of his welding buddies wrote a very sweet condolence card telling us that he was convinced that if the welding had not worked out, Stefan had a second career path open as a singer.

The Winspear Center is a great facility and the equipment made it sound so much more fabulous than it did coming muffled from inside his room with the door closed. It was so beautiful and astonishing. If you haven't listened to it yet, it posted under family music.

What else is sad, is that his birthfather only got to know him via these kinds of postings and clips on facebook. Now he is sorry he did not get himself involved in his life. I wrote to him and invited him to come and bring his children.


steve martin said...

I just finished listeing to Stefan sing.

Beautiful voice! Great range, beautiful tone and wonderful feeling.

You must be so proud of him!

He is singing for the Lord right now...I'm sure of it!

Brigitte said...

Thanks Steve.

My mother was terminally ill with acute leukemia when I was 19 years old. She would talk about singing in the Lord's Bach choir. She used to sing a beautiful choirs in Germany. I did, too.

Stefan, however, barely let out a peep in church singing. I was forever elbowing him. That's why everyone was shocked and pleasantly surprised to hear him at grad. Martin just about had a heart attack when he went on stage.

steve martin said...

He (Stefan) was really great. I received much joy from hearing him sing.

You were so blessed to have him in your life.

The Lord is a great comfort and has a special soft spot for those who grieve.

Hang in there, my Friend.

- Steve