Monday, January 12, 2009

Driving Trainer Simulator?

The phone has stopped ringing and I think I will go to work tomorrow, get myself out of the house and relieve those who've been filling in for me. This afternoon still I will go to the gym; (I will, I will, I will!)

I just finished talking with Esther about the state of the world--with side topic: driver training. (This is also a topic the gigababy blog picks up on.) She said when she was in driver training in Germany, it was drilled into her that when the car is out of control, to get off the brakes. Which reminded me that when my kids took driver training I was looking around to get a video game type driving simulator for them to practice different scenarios. I never found one. Both children turned out to be good drivers. Both drove with Martin and myself for years before they went solo. Stefan, especially, was a natural. I like to think, he would have been able to prevent the tragedy, if he'd been driving.

But, you'd think with all the video games, simulations, graphics, different inputs, there would have been an easy choice for driver training practice? They spend hours and hours shooting people, crashing cars, planes, tanks... Why are they not practicing real skills?

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