Saturday, January 10, 2009

8 days since Stefan's accident

We have hugged and cried and shared with hundreds of people it seems. Not a few have suffered tragedies. There were 600 signed into the book at the funeral. Many came to our house to comfort us and bring us food and flowers. It was most kind. I will cherish and store up in my mind the meaningful memories and comments about Stefan, our family, yours and our grief, and our Lord. If you had no words, that was good, too.

On the way home from the funeral in our car we said: "Everyone seems just a little more precious now than before." We have been changed and the people around us have been changed. Hostilities, misunderstandings, have been swept aside. Sadly, with human nature, as C.S. Lewis said, sometimes suffering is God's megaphone.

We are bereaved. We have lost our son, our brother, our grandchild, our cousin, our friend. As Gerald said, in faith we await the resurrection from the dead. Meanwhile we will miss Stefan most terribly. Yet, we are bonded together with those who have suffered the same hole in their hearts and those whose hope is in God.

It has been a week now since Stefan's and Matt's deaths, and I think this will be my last blog post about it. It must have been therapeutic for me to do some posting, that's why I did it. Or course, it does not even scratch the surface. You may post to the older posts. Please, phone or visit or e-mail, as you like or need to.

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