Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wed. Truth Project

Yesterday, I made it to the Truth Project, once more. I so appreciate spending time with Christians from other denominations. There are some amazingly committed family men and women at my table. God bless them all and their families. Would the clergy find it compromising to sit and pray together? Is it unorthodox?

I am wondering if this kind of lecture series is what Michael Spencer at calls the "culture war" and how he seems to find it distracting from the Gospel.

I find it valuable and would call it being more prepared to witness and hopefully being salt and light.


Bror Erickson said...

Generally joint prayer with other Christians and clergy who confess the trinity is not considered compromising, and is considered acceptable.
It is when people start praying with those who pray to other Gods that we have to draw the line. Anymore I no longer attend prayer breakfasts or other such events because for some reason the clergy in this area see no problem inviting Mormons to pray with them.

Brigitte said...

It is too bad about the Mormons.

I've had such a wonderful friendship with my neighbor. Our children were friends, too. We walked together many hours and talked about everything. She was so compassionate and understanding. She could help me learn many things about people.

She taught "seminary" in the early morning and often picked my brain about doctrine and the Bible.

I would have loved to have prayed with her. But neither one of us would cross that line.

How is Mormonism in Utah, these days?

Bror Erickson said...

Mormonism is as strong as ever in Utah. They can be kind compassionate people. They can be. I don't know many who deny that. But then there is a group mentality here, and they often gang up on the young ones, try to get them to convert with peer pressure, which is rightfully resented.