Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ethics/Morals/Government/Law/Truth Project

Yesterday, I worked a long day at the dental clinic and then went to the Truth Project at the Alliance church, again, straight after. Hubby was prepping for his Concordia Board meetings meanwhile. I am trying to get him to come to the Truth Project once, but as they say: "If you love your husband you leave him at home." Other people even manage to bring their children, at times.

The topic was obeying the government, as in Romans 13. There were quotes about the State from Hegel and Nietzsche and the danger of turning the State into your Savior.

What stuck with me most was the statement that if you have no God, if truth is relative then morality ends up being relative.

I've had this conversation with people. It is true, if they have no God, if everything is relative, their morality becomes quite flexible, and they become quite smug and unapologetic about their flexible morality. They are willing to give up nothing for what is right. Me first, and foremost, and only.

This may not be true for everyone. There are "good" atheists. But it is true for many. And they are quite hypocritical about it, too. All the other people they know, follow no laws, are greedy, etc. That's what they complain about. Then why should they behave morally if everyone else they are pointing their fingers at are crooked? It becomes one nasty business with a fake, smiling front.

This one person I was talking to, even told me the ten commandments did not make much sense. However, he admitted right away not remembering what they were. He claimed all the moral demands are made just to keep the herd in control while the top brass indulges in corruption.

I told him that the rule of law is a blessing in a country and certainly, he would not want to live in a lawless society. I wish I had asked him, which he wanted to be: one in the herd trying to live morally, or one on the top involved in corruption for himself.

It's a good question for me, too. Some of me wants to be the privileged top.

Pray for the Canadian government, or rather the lack thereof. We might finally break apart.

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