Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hindu man

Today, I met a Hindu man while standing on the upper level of the mall looking down at the flu shot clinic below. He asked whether flu shots were a good idea or whether they ruin your immune system. Of course, I wanted to encourage him to get a flu shot.

We started talking, or rather he did. He went on and on and on, touching on culture, ethnicity, friendship, Buddha, Sikhism, sustainable agriculture (you can live off 2 acres in India), the positive energy under domes and towers... I was praying to get a word in edge-wise and witness to the man, but it was tough, he was such a talker.

In the end, I was only able to say that I was a Christian, that unlike Buddha we believe in an existence with God after we die and that we believe in the forgiveness of sins.

Now the "forgiveness of sins" did hit a nerve with him. He replied with: "Well, why do you sin? You should not sin!" So, I got to say how we sin in thought, word and deed and attitude. That there is rarely such thing with us as true humility... He knew exactly what I meant, (unlike some Methodists on the internet).

He gave me a card with his name and number. He sells diamonds to jewelery stores. His name is, you guessed it, Mr. Singh. I won't be phoning him, though.

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