Thursday, October 2, 2008


From our newspaper: "We eat more sugar and omega-6 fatty acids, and less vegetables and omega-3. Sixty per cent of out calories come from white flour, sugar and bad fats. There are studies that show increased omega-6 in blood is linked to higher risk of breast cancer.

Not surprisingly, exercise--or a lack of it--also contributes. Several studies, notably a recent French paper that tracked the health of school teachers over 30 years, show that as little as 30 minutes of exercise six times a week halves the relapse rate of breast cancer.

We know that exercise stimulates the immune system, which is key to keeping cancer cells at bay and stopping them from developing into tumors. Exercise reduces inflammation, which is the bed of cancer. it also reduces the overall fat stores, which is where all of the environmental contaminants are stored. So if you reduce the fat cells, you reduce your exposure to carcinogens. Obesity is one of the strongest risk factors for cancer. It combines all of these things.

And while the human body is designed to handle reactive stress, a recent study of 514 Australian women by the University of Sydney suggests that a combination of chronic stress and lack of social network is a serious risk factor."

A bunch of important information in this little quote. I should memorize the whole thing.

This week I rejoined Curves. They now have this computerized system to give you feedback as to how you are doing and how much more or less you are working than last time.

I set a goal of losing 20 lbs. That would really help. I'd also like to get up earlier and get the Curves done in the morning instead of pushing it in front of me all day. I'd still like to walk and do some of the interval training and functional exercises in the Revised South Beach book.

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