Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sources of stress identified

Last night in catching up with some newspapers, we learned about two sources of stress.

One study found that women working for women bosses have more stress than women working for male bosses. The reason for this is, as yet, undiscovered. Probably, any answer to that will be politically incorrect. If you like, you may speculate here.

The other study showed that in winter we have more of a protein that inhibits serotonin, which makes us feel better. Hence, we feel worse in winter.

Some people around here experiment with lamps to lift what they deem light deprivation and resultant depression. Personally, I find that the day is so short, that with commuting and going to work and school, you can go for long stretches without seeing light. Going outside for walks at noon should be mandatory, maybe, where ever possible. Maybe I will mandate myself, this winter, to walk outside more. We were ill with flus all January, last winter.

It's a beautiful day today, but it has already been cold, giving you the idea that winter is not too far off.

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