Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Medical Dental Mission to China

On Saturday, we went to a dinner put on by the CMDS (Christian Medical Dental Society).
A number of Edmonton area physicians and dentists go to China once or twice a year to perform needed services and teach local medical/dental staff and give evangelistic presentations (many of them are ethnic Chinese).

In China, Christians get up daily at 5:00 AM to go to church to pray. It's a good time, that early, because the police is not up, yet. So they are not molested or prohibited. (Perhaps we should not be putting that on the internet. Presumably the police know this, but rather not get up, yet.) The mission teams are also under "surveillance", but still seem to get their work done.

We also learned that in Tibet, you cannot become a Christian without getting into severe persecution, getting expelled or killed. (I find that ironic, since Tibet is so vocal about its own rights under the Chinese.)

I would not mind going on such a trip, if I knew I would not wilt from the heat and other conditions.

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