Friday, September 12, 2008

In relation to the previous post

Regarding what good fruits really are--not self-invented, self-chosen, self-righteous, un-mandated, unhelpful works, I started to wonder: how does this apply, today? Who promotes those kinds of works, today? Maybe, this does not happen any more.

Truly good and kind works are always called for. Loving work begins in one's station in life, one's calling. That's not what's being criticized.

Then I saw the pictures of Pope Benedikt visiting France. On an historic occasion, trying to mend fences with an entire nation,--it was imperative to visit Lourdes!

I find that really sad. Why? It seems like so much medieval non-sense. Are we not in a different era?

That, plus the Pope meeting with the Sarkozys. Bruni does not believe in monogamy and the Pope believes in celibacy. Neither is right. Neither is biblical or following Christ's teaching. Would it be too much to hope for that they all return to the Bible?

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