Monday, August 4, 2008

Reading over the summer holiday trip

On the road to Kelowna and back I read N.T. Wright's "Simply Christian". It was the first book by this author that I tackled. It was an easy read and as the author attempted it was clear and simply put. As far as a basic introduction to Christianity goes, I would recommend it. There are some new perspectives and terminologies in it, which I appreciate. The emphasis on comparing different world views is helpful.

In Kelowna, I read some books on the owner's bookshelf. One was on the "art of nursing". It is a textbook, but due to the anecdotal method, it was enlightening and entertaining at the same time. What I want to remember most from this book is, that we need to identify with the suffering patient. "That could be me." It reminded me of the time when my father was dying at home. It was a stressful and humbling time for him. I often put my arms around him and told him that we all will get to this some time. He is not the only one. It is our shared humanity, that we will all die. Though I was not dying right there, but he was, I am still dying bit by bit, getting older. We are the same.

The other book was on communication. I think it was called "Communication for Peace". It was written by a granddaughter of Mahatma Ghandi. Some of the book reminded me of a lecture in the faculty of Education. Here the book is used for nurses' training. Essentially the book contained training in objectively identifying and communicating needs and feelings without making accusations and judgments. Some of it is active listening. Much of it is clarifying. When there is a conflict, try to find out from the other what it is they are needing that they are not getting. Also try to identify these things for yourself to try and achieve a better life. Anyways, it sounds simple, but there are fallacies to watch out for and some training in this is undoubtedly helpful.

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