Thursday, July 3, 2008


Summertime reading from Costco:
Last year I heard about the historical novel "Roma", but could not find it to purchase. This year you can get it at Costco.

It's a little on the soap opera-ish side for my taste. In a series of events, the entire history of Rome is to be covered in this "historical" novel. The nagging question in my mind is where does history end and story begin. We'll have to just enjoy it for the entertainment value and hope we're not getting our history wrong. We might have to research it afterward. It is entertaining, but somewhat light summer faire. Not finished, yet.


mary said...

So here it is: My very first Blog comment. Brigitte, I began reading Roma mid August. It is entertaing and enlightening.thus far. I too am uncertain where history begins/ends and where fiction takes over. I must admit there were sentences requiring a second or third reading for me to comprehend and confirm what I was reading. Several times I smirked to myself as the author so poetically, and subtly described the act of conception. Today we are so bombarded with the harsh language, and visual portrayal from various mediums which leave nothing to the imagination about sex. a good thing. Mary

Brigitte said...

Well done Mary! You did it! :)

Now you will get hooked. Better watch out!

Yes, there was quite a bit of "conception" in the book. But a lot of ancient religion was all about fertility and conception. A part of human nature tends to worship the created instead of the creator, as we do hear from Paul who worked in that culture. Hence a few comments about sexuality from Paul.