Saturday, June 7, 2008


At some point in our theological lives, we learn that time and space were created. This seemed revolutionary to me the first time I heard it.

Somehow, time and space seem fixed forever, measured easily by clocks and sticks. Yet, Einstein convinced everyone that time is not so manageable. If you fly around the universe at the speed of light, you will end up in different time.

With God, a day is like a thousand years and vice versa.

With me, a couple of hours on the computer are like 10 minutes, and 10 minutes of cleaning seem like a couple of hours. It seems like all the clocks are wrong. Has this happened to you? If I could split myself in two, the computing half would be centuries ahead of the cleaning half.


steve martin said...

Exactly how I feel about it (time, that is)

It is hard to wrap our head around th fact that time and space is a creation of God. There are so many things we don't understand.

I found your blog while reding a comment you made on Lucciols'a site.

I'm looking forward to coming back and perusing your entries, in the not too distant future.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

- Steve Martin San Clemente, CA

Brigitte said...

Hello Steve Martin! Thanks for commenting! You are my first unsolicited comment :) Nice to meet you!

Anyhow, I've seen your blog,too, and will read some more in it next week.
Yours, Brigitte.