Monday, June 2, 2008

Beautiful walking weather and beautiful music

It's been light till 11:00 and I have been extending my evening walks this late without having to spray against mosquitoes, yet.

The pleasure of this has been heightened by finding some music I really enjoy while meandering over hill and dale. (Well, I try to walk pretty hard and include as many hills as I can, seeing this is flat land.)

This is the music: a while ago I gave Martin a gift that I really wanted (aren't those the "nicest" gifts to give :)). It is Concordia's 4 CD set of Luther's hymns, ballads and quotes. The medieval type rustic, sturdy melodies are perfect for pushing your walking and the sound is so pure through the headphones. This has given a whole new perspective on the walking experience and I feel so much better about going by myself.

You can listen to the music and place an order here:

Search for "Luther's hymns" and click on the item.

There are a great variety of arrangements using period instruments. The organ playing is majestic. The words are clearly understandable and great for meditating upon.

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