Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scott Klusendorf at Alberta Prolife Conference

Scott Klusendorf spoke twice at the Alberta Pro-Life Conference. His talks centered around how to ask questions so that people don't feel clobbered over the head with your opinions, but instead involve them in thinking about their own assumptions. He has the point there: we all like to hear ourselves speak more than listen.

He asserted that in this day we live in a "dictatorship of relativism" (quoting the Pope). People are less likely than ever to simply accept a doctrinal position. They need to be led to make their own discovery of fundamental beliefs such as that there is a Creator and that the worth of human life is not determined by Size, Level of development, Environment, or Dependency (SLED). Logical and accurate thinking about facts can lead one to see the truth and consistency of the pro-life teaching. On the other hand he acknowledged that pro-life cannot be disconnected from religious thought.

He was also gravely concerned about the churches. He feels that not enough is being said and done in the churches. If they won't speak the truth and call to repentance and forgiveness, who will?

Another statement about the churches was: "Some of the evangelical churches have become so 'seeker sensitive' they have become 'believer worthless' ". How much is being compromised in all directions?

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